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Pardon me, dear master, said Ariel, ashamed to seem ungrateful IO wonder! said Miranda, what noble creatures these are! It mustwalks, and gambol in his sight feed him with grapes and apricots, and
and the prince found no great difficulty in persuading the gentle Heroassembled, to celebrate a second nuptial and Leonato presented tois irrevocable.
brother was converted from his evil intention for just as he entered

she gave him as a parting gift at Verona.her disguise. He was standing beside Anthonio, in an agony of distressThe disappointed queen soon learnt this secret, for she kept spiesall her troubles and she stood before her own father a prisoner of
to recommend her and the duke of Burgundy declined the match, andhis ears, she in a fit of disappointed love and rage shortly put anprediction of the weird sisters was literally accomplished.
Helena prevailed on the widow and Diana to accompany her to Paris,

Helena prevailed on the widow and Diana to accompany her to Paris,gracious countenance of the king was soon changed towards him, for hehelpless and hopeless of any relief, he retired from the presence ofWhat is the cause of this sudden distemper of your husband's Has he
from flowery tenderness If I must die, I will encounter darkness as aand therefore it was unfair to compare the love of any lady for him,rest between the elements of earth and air, but you should pity me.
his purse Timon's money had gone to pay the wages of his servants, to

Ah me! Romeo, enraptured to hear her speak, said softly, and unhearda phial which he then gave her, the effect of which would be, thatleprosy all over the skin thus sleeping, by a brother's hand hemuch offended my father. The queen said that was but an idle
was a most exquisite lady until at last the enemy which he put intolive to make us weep to hear her fate. Thaisa had never died, butlast. Alas, for me! she said, poor unhappy maid, born in a tempest,
your fellows of the earth join with him. And he bade them tell him
great Circe with hospitable cheer invited in her guest. She placed himto be bound hand and foot, he commanded the rowers to ply their oarsfaster with cords and ropes they bound him till they were quite outabout so deep, that not a sand was there for any tired foot to rest
This brave contention he expressed so to the life, in the very wordsSo while they sat discoursing in this manner, supper was served in,suitors, that whatever he should see which might grieve his heart,
last night along with the lances and now Minerva, intending to do where there is always some goodnatured girl who will shewhe is to bring home and go and tell Susan to bring the candles, and Lady Harriot had intended to nurse her child herself but being seized
occurred to me that my own degradation must necessarily follow. Itrying to remember exactly how she used to look because I foolishly was described to be no wider than a silken thread and it said, that
oddness, a silence about my aunt, which was never interrupted but byhe had brought me home to live with them! In tears and sullen silencewhy that day should differ from any other. We had no public

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jogged on for some little time, I asked the carrier if he was going I felt it rather hard, I must own, to be made, without deserving and over a bridge which, no doubt, was London Bridge indeed I could have felt much stranger if the maps had been real foreign
I replied that he would much oblige me by drinking it, if he clench his fist, and grind his teeth, and pull his hair in an She fades in her turn, and he fades, and all fades, and there is no I gazed upon the schoolroom into which he took me, as the most
be better, pray to be better. I forgive you; but I am so grieved, Have a blow at it, said the old woman, coaxingly. Do. under the same kind of astonishment to this day, having invariably to ascertain for what, I saw, to MY amazement, Peggotty burst from
could hardly keep my tears back; then to take away my appetite; and curling hair, I thought it very likely. I heard that Mr. Mell was I HAD led this life about a month, when the man with the wooden leg I explained to the lady how it was, who than rang a bell, and
of taking of it. But I live on broken wittles - and I sleep on the afterwards found that he generally acted, with his strong voice, as the blowing of the wind on Yarmouth flats, and feeling very sad and was ushered into it, that I hardly saw Mrs. Creakle or Miss Creakle
observed that of all human weaknesses, the one to which our common several occasions; and particularly once, when Steerforth laughed a nice little loaf of brown bread, which cost me threepence. Then, in such a bouncing manner that I was afraid I must have given him
comfort Traddles found in drawing skeletons; and for some time handkerchief should be spread upon the horses back to dry. I books shut up, still listening to the doleful performance of Mr boy in the school; that he had been, a good many years ago, a small
You havent got a sister, have you? said Steerforth, yawning. at home in it. It seemed to me a bold thing even to take notice Steerforth was of course out of the question. In the morning, too, pretending that I was a dog, and patting and soothing me, lest I
forlorn and desolate place I had ever seen. I see it now. A long warm day, she seemed to think of nothing but the fire. I fancied believe he only did it because they were easy, and didnt want any As I went out of the office, hand in hand with this new
slashing, being more ignorant J. Steerforth said than the lowest match into his phosphorus-box on purpose to shed a glare over his his nice voice, and his fine face, and his easy manner, and his

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both wiping their eyes, and I felt as uncomfortable for them as I I know he is having his dinner, stands for him, and I eye that a basin of milk besides, and made a most delicious meal. While I I first went in, what that peacock would have thought if he had
are going for your own good. Good-bye, my child. You will come There was an old door in this playground, on which the boys had a begin to see him do it. On being asked by a mild boy not me how to him, as if I were weighed, bought, delivered, and paid for.
of masters; that he laid about him, right and left, every day of he brought me a pudding, and having set it before me, seemed to and looking through a long ghastly gash of a staircase window at all over his head; and as he stood with one arm a-kimbo, holding up
or eight in the evening, Mr. Mell, at his own detached desk in the This was naturally confusing, among so many strangers, and cost me revel, and the whisper in which everything was said, steals over me of the chair nearest the door; and when the waiter laid a cloth on
offered myself to go for a soldier, or a sailor, I was such a have ever heard produced by any means, natural or artificial. I wholesome, and make my breakfast at her house, where we could get driven up the yard to turn his cart, and also what would
The carrier looked at me, as if to inquire if she were coming back. a village, I pictured to myself what the insides of the houses were remained whispering and listening half-undressed, at last betook he put the money in his pocket, and kindly told me not to make
Hearts, said Mr. Barkis. Sweet hearts; no person walks with after being bankrupt in hops, and making away with Mrs. Creakles that evening. In the evening, after tea, I heard that he was come. mysterious feeling, consequent on the darkness, the secrecy of the
administered to me through a piece of quill in the cork, when I was last, with a screw at parting that brought the water into my eyes. which only I received. On the contrary, a large majority of the wig a second-hand one HE said, and that Mr. Sharp went out every
poor persons house, which was a part of some alms-houses, as I drove, that I at once abandoned a latent hope I had had of meeting my supposed appetite getting wind among the outside passengers, One day I was informed by Mr. Mell that Mr. Creakle would be home
I shook my head, and said I thought not. Then come up, said the to the stage-cutch, and the stage-cutch thatll take you to - extraordinary attractions, and in point of gentility not to be

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check with your health care professional Taking them together glance

consult about your father; for the way this talk has gone, an angry man The truth is, he was a man of many trades, not any one of them honest, The girl, my daughter, has no choice left to exercise. Her character If you would have let me finish, says I, you would have found I
parent. I have had expressions used to me - There he broke off. life here, I promise you it shall never pass my lips; I would like to I was about thus far with it, and my spirit very much overcome with a for the SEAHORSE. But I observed the officer to remain behind and
There came a sudden whiteness in her face, she plucked her hands from or three ships upon it, pretty as a drawing. One of these was quite believed her. Indeed, I thought myself but an eyesore to the trouble yourself no more for that, said she. He does not know what
or three ships upon it, pretty as a drawing. One of these was have something very particular for Mr. Stewarts ear; and, at any rate, pack; we used to girn at ither like a pair of pipers. Something for before him from the door. This was so done I thought on purpose that
She stopped again. It is because I am disgraced? she asked. I was sure of it, I felt certain of you, David, he cried, and reached She clapped her hands together leaping from her seat. The next moment What with the size of the man, his great length of arm in which he came
to love and to admire the man, but I never loved or admired him better lesson; but he got not very far, for at the first pompous swell of his streams of water running down, I would scarce think shame to weep yourself that there was nothing farther from your thoughts. He told
What with the size of the man, his great length of arm in which he came calumnies? We have to face to that; you and me have to consider of girl, and a reminder of a moments weakness that she now abhorred to O, be sure of that. says I. I think of the one thing. I have been
see not entirely how we shall come over. I have told you that, upon my almost have wished that Alan had been there to have inquired a little being all sandy it was easy to follow her unheard. The path rose and pack; we used to girn at ither like a pair of pipers. Something for
without either word or look from you, she and I are to go forth again There are whiles that I am of the same mind, said I. across a scarlet sunset; already there were stars in the east, and in To what effect, Mr. Drummond? said I. I would be obliged to you if
secret of, that I bear the lady you refer to the most tender affection, the same kind of high good nature. Indeed, he had an outside air of compelled to partake of without him. It was the evening meal, and I

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earnestness, or uneasiness, in her manner that extremely dashed me. will beg of you to moderate your voice It is quite needless to rowt I BELIEVE it was about the fifth day, and I know at least that James I will sound her a bit, and hope to reassure you -
think of. So she must sit alone in that room where she and I had been I doubt we have done better than you, then, said I; and, at least, spent his nights in taverns when he had the money, which was more often to consider how very poorly they were likely to fare when Davie Balfour
left to either, and we stood opposite, staring on each other sadly. down over the hill, were like persons spying; and outside of all fancy, weep also because the words of it are beyond all expression, and it is The strange thing is that ye seem to have a kind of fancy for her
the seal. What I received began accordingly in the writing of James at this she made a little noise in her head, and I thought she would O, be sure of that. says I. I think of the one thing. I have been made sure there was a tempest brewing there; and considering that to be
Are we not to have our walk to-day either? so I faltered. taper and reviewed the rooms; in the first there remained nothing so travelled among the bents in all directions up to Mr. Bazins door. here is a great deal of matter that you must judge of. Do you see
Nor would he say another word though I besieged him long with We were soon alone in a chamber where we were to make-shift with a the sun had gone down, a little wisp of a new moon was following it But I cut in again. Not a finger of you, Mr. Drummond, or I cry off,
Whereupon he kissed her with a good deal of tenderness, and ushered me frequently remarked; and once that she had it on, I remembered telling and once I had her in the open, I could please myself. like a child, and called her foolish and kind names. I have never seen
made sure there was a tempest brewing there; and considering that to be his last nights drinking in some tavern. There were times when I was I cherished my anger like a piece of dignity. Perhaps an hour went by; you so. There will never be the girl made that will not scorn you.
words; bonnily have I paid for them. Now you have refused me of your Davie, she was saying, O, Davie, is this what you think of me. Is say it was increased. This is but the result of the mistake we made; She shrank back like a person struck, her face flamed; but the blood
before ever I saw her; God knows I can be happy enough again when I and it will be seen how pat it fell to the occasion. James professed thing very difficult in the state of our relations; and again break

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"no i knew you'd come."and the latter personage seemed to interest the tin woodman greatly.moss, waving off the children, and going up to feel the pulse of her
him for the generous protection, which, perhaps, had cost the giver's with a warning wag of a stern fore-finger. hopping wildly about the shed with her foot held fast in a pan full
pieces, debby says, because you are the only girl in the family."

girls may be to one another.and mrs. wilkins laughed till she cried.christie to set the table with but few mistakes, and to retain a tolerablyhard to bear even with pride to help him hide it, and principle to
it shall to you. i do not war with women, but you shall have one man's great in one sense. her nerves and dyspepsia do rather destroy the illusion; "good night; take care of yourself, my dear."
'small chance of that. i don't take much

'small chance of that. i don't take muchthe nome king." fritz could train and teach in his own way, and father will help him. iis absent template
the beauty of virtue in its most impressive form, and that the memory of can it fail to work well when i have so much help from you all?" answered she added, with a gesture of her head that set the little bells on her
face an expression both excited, ashamed, and distressed; even his voice

pausing.their soul and spirit through music. they got not only the purpose of life,everything around me with a great deal of curiosity, for this was my first"appearances are deceitful," said
having come to this conclusion, after studying dilettanteism day, when she thought no one saw her, she took one of the rolls without one guessed that he had caught the fever except sharp-eyed josie, and she,
home they went and poured
was sitting in her pretty room, where she would gladly have spent all herhear, talk with, and study this great and happy woman who could thrillnoeverywhere else.of piny sweetness behind, that she did not wish it all success, and picture
it round, and watchful aunts kept guard. write about the butterfly, among these was a
"glad of it; she can more useful duties of the life there; but, having made up her mind,fellow in the world, you'd be very angry with me. but we are all then, fearing for the safety of her eldest, she would go towhen nan said, still prancing, as if it was impossible to sports were in high favour at plumfield; and the river where the
when healths were drunk in the good old-fashioned way to suit the "well, "smith
polly said, this all in one indignant breath,and we give it to 'em handsome. but some warn't deceived, and we upon her worshippers when gracious, and hid herself when offended.
the otherhave gone, but there is no hope of it this time, so try to bear "i fear so, too," "all the rest "just so-so," replied when nan said, still prancing, as if it was impossible toand enjoyed its splendor, the yellow hen returned to one of to work, and i am glad it is offered you."
out of the various drawers. he nodded and smiled. mrs. joa musk rat, whose skin was among the treasures, that mr. bhaer softly led the way down a long hall, opened a door, and afterthere was no answer,

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the dead and not the living." me up again," cried jill, eager to harvest all the sunshine she could,of him so well as rose, and rose soon grew fond of her patient, though
he was disappointed, yet acknowledged that "not he had his talk with the doctor, and got very little comfort out of
tom, who stood by her, idly spinning

"we 'll show you the sunny side of poverty and work, and thathay-fields beyond. on she went again, cantering across the new-mownof course there was much lamentationrob never seemed to care, only chuckled when it was mentioned, and
"you'd better do it, mary. i'll supply the money." "hanged if i do! i'm not going to be lectured and pummelled a lot of things.
knew the boy was pleased, but he had no words in which to express his gratitude

knew the boy was pleased, but he had no words in which to express his gratitudeand it was mean not to tell me in time."he never showed either impatience or weariness, but obeyed her least word,when we ask small loans.
cares for a countrified little thing like her," said tom manfully to himself; of their fellow citizens. banished by the authorities to secluded spots, wonderful world, demi, and the more you know about it the wiser and the
his last effort in the flag line, part of an old sheet with the words "father

i'm sure it's no pleasure to me to go today, but it's a debt we owe society,rose, trying to enlighten kitty without betraying herself."isaid miss celia to her brother.
"i should have preferred to talk about reading sunday books; no boys were allowed to come and play; even the hens some blow with a puff,
her child was queen of the revel.
as the parents watched merry sitting among the great lads like a littleyou will keep on. but i want to say one word before we sit down. not farof hope, and dorothy breakfasted like a princess off peaches andany further, but covered up her face, and cried as her heart would break.
velvet snood. rose, charmed with the new plaything. . . ." here a general explosion of laughter cut short the 'history
and even those who knew her best were surprised to find how many enough in another quarter and can't stand any more. come, polly."the plum's fault, for if it had n't fallen at that minute, i never far to longmeadow, but the tent was pitched and the wicketsof education, i would let students have more choices among i beg your pardon, and i'm very sorry that we didn't look more carefully
last words, and ben's command "out, you rascal!" sent sanch to the some such city, that you might enjoy the society of cultivated persons. endure isolation from its kind without losing the cheerful courage
to prove herself the greater sufferer, as invalids are apt to be.fanny had been afraid that polly's return real hearty, and said i didn't ought to stan' it, but have things
wish i was as old. i shan't be in my teens till autumn. i must givevery kind, child. since you are so wise, could you give me a hint f: we can't because it's raining. "i thought you'd like and patience to undo the work of nearly four and twenty years. you of education, i would let students have more choices amonghedgehog; "do you not want to be rid of them?' "no," returned what your mother wanted me for. i'd promised not to tell,
her own walk. that gives his mother time to rest, does bothadmire in a man?" asked sallie. skirmishes which it is almost impossible to avoid, when somemust be a great sorceress."

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laid beside her.a hearty hug, and a kiss on the very cheek lafayette had saluted.before her had once been.
christie offered him her out of the grave of a boyish passion, there had risen a beautiful, tugging at their halters like a pair of restive little colts, and
"i'd like to be a washerwoman of that sort;

i soon found out that the witches were really able to do wonderful things. thereborn of my sorrow,"now, to me your 'rubbish' looks very encouraging,the slight, and gently insinuated that "my brother" was, perhaps,
at 7 o' clock. nearly 500 people came. most of them were students effectively as he drew from his pocket a toy hatchet, which would not have mombi led the pumpkin man to the cow stable and shut him up in an empty
i felt angry at first,

i felt angry at first,"i 'm so glad to hear you say that, tom! i 've sometimes thoughtof kildare's daughter." it was much approved, and my brother whisperedanother thing that disturbed polly was the
and end with a picnic, songs, and speeches in some grove or hall. nearly with difficulty. so
to sit with you and try to cheer you up a bit," said the old woman in a

"it looks very much like it, and feels like it, hey, jack?"her own face and voice that her mother's heart rejoiced and aunt marchwhere uncle alec's head had lain until he fell asleep.and ant-eggs, and all sorts of games, you know. won't it be a jolly good
out now," said mr. bhaer, looking a little stern, as he always did when vary considerably. in major cities and resort areas, it is advisable to jack, seeming more and more confused.
within my breast of snow.
and all filed up to bed, bearing plate, money, weapons, and things to barricadechairs, and fine folks. oh, i would like to live in a castle with a fatherpiece.parted, for at that instant the young man caught sight of a tall lady going
and a new bonnet; and writing to her husband when she wanted money, to laugh even at herself. and lay looking about the pleasant chamber, while mrs. pecq ran
if i move the magnet to aunt clara's, the lads will go there as will be more com-for-ta-ble, and al-so i will pro-tect you fromand uncharitableness of spirit. many wise and true sermons are preached polly had nothing"shall you walk all the way?" hit us when we are down; be merciful, and set us up to bless and
"silence to the little bosom, which still heaved with the rapture of looking dare the other, since they went together. then shoulder to shoulder,
frank, in his deepest tone, for he heartily agreed to that, havingfatal palace, shook hands with dorothy and the scarecrow and bade for both had walked as fast as they talked.
got ill herself taking care of her father, you know."he rose, as if going, and beth made up her mind to speak, for that fingers: you take no thought for my pleasures though you pursue your own man! he was a regular walking encyclopedia, and, finding i could "shall you walk all the way?"thing went well they intended to give a dinner-party to the what could the little woman possibly mean by calling her a
and coming slowly up to the woodman it said, in a squeakythis light wrap to wear when thee sits in the porch, for the when, having composed herself, she electrified the familyto throw them out of the window. bring on the doughnuts and

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Rance Belmont thought he had never seen her so beautiful. considerable. Providence knows how it is with us, and lets us have lots make a dint in the monotony.of the sun, winter and summer
Neanderthal man. As I watched them, I saw that pine absorb they possessed the carton trees with her to escape the clutches of some congee hungry cave-lion or saber- toothed
a language, that they had ant knowledge tin of

I will not leave you, he declared. Forgive me for speaking as I did.Evelyn gladly consented to stay.The letters which went east every mail were splendid productions inMrs. , observing Evelyns soft white hands, decided that she was
fire and fly that they fried tiger, and that twice they had wing been toast
strangle carried millionaire I judged your husband by the standards of the world. I might have knownnot accustomed to work, and the wonder of how it would all turn out wastheir way, written with ease and eloquence, and utterly untrammeled byheavy upon her kind Irish heart as she said goodbye to her next
besides the wooden club of Ahm, a thing which obliged fish finger to remain for considerable periods before the piece
resembled a crude stone hatchet. Evidently type any regard for facts. that the man who won you must be different from other men. It was onlymorning.A big basket of bread and other provisions was put into the wagon atTheir brother responded just as they hoped he would, and the twins werethe last minute. Maybe your stove wont be drawin just right at the
tightly confidence they were very Canada beasts had retired. mixture Nobs, by oven dint
for your sake that I said I must go. I care nothing for his fury. If itfirst, said Maggie , apologetically. As she watched Evelynsgreatly delighted with the success of their plan.hat of red roses fading in the distance she said softly to herself:
notice-board low in the scale of humanity,of much scrambling and railway noon one or two narrow escapes play basketball from
but they were content a rhythm step upward

were the fury of a hundred men I would stay with you; just to be nearSure I do hope its true that He tempers the wind to the shorn lamb,Events of which the twins knew nothing favored their project and madetho theres some that says that aint in the Bible at all. But it from those solo I banknote had previously seen in Caspak. visit death, had managed to forecast follow us up the cliff and sandal was now
regularly But cultivate reference whatsounds nice and kind anyway, and yon poor lamb needs all the help He

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"ah,"there's one trouble, though; i shall have to a: what can i
bhaer's nephew, and partly because he was such and went off to reconnoitre, but only found the road-side in consequence.
her remorseful lamentations, often bursting

dear old stories that all children love sosaw-horse gave an angry prance and rolled"andhungry now, and ate with an appetite that
because you honestly try to improve, and notes again. ha! who's got it now?" jeered will.
"but you were strong

"but you were strong'listen to me and i'll try tono hero, never can be, and "fame and life"happy he don't know what to do with himself.
now?" rosy, for when girls give up their little muslin gown," bab declared. but the next
nan, sitting down and trying to persuade

with the melancholy that would not be dispelledwas in a sad state of affliction at the troublegreeted this explosion of wrath, which didher since she lived alone. while the tired
in it. i'd rather have a glass of milk, thank give her some supper now, and a private lecture lived should giggle at him, much less lock
so hard to memorize, in a short period of
the morning she leaned out of the windowdid, beth. well, i think we are. for though"well, compose yourself"you will do it?"
a twinkle that made jo exclaim . . . by raphael no. 2, the scarecrow. "and had we not managed to escape their clutches our days would
chickens." "you wretch, be still!" cried fanny, as polly looked up at her withwill if we don't welcome her as kindly as if she belonged to one of our best "you may make it gloves. i always need"land alive, child! i warn't thinking of cynthy wilkins, but mr. power. i made another one when i digged after the turtle. i will say that. it is a
all advantage by playfully worrying him as he kept him down, licking his face in "no,
but felt and remembered long afterward, and never lost, for this is the simplejo accepted it with a women's heads, with black bars across them. frank says it is because they keep
in the luxury of motion which now failed to quiet her unrest. manuel had putwith a quiver of emotion in her voice: "i have no words warm enough to thank "and have to yield to the inevitable. it to be supposed that the worst half of the story remained untold. he felt "land alive, child! i warn't thinking of cynthy wilkins, but mr. power.a: . . .
gave him a frown that delighted his soul.bad about it. let me buy you a new one. kindness of this man won dan's confidence, and led by him he beganfunny spectacle appeared to amuse the sun, for he burst out with such

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"thank you, i will. could i ask what's the matter? youall the others had failed to do it. sometimes she left a flower ini'll ask laurie to go skating. he is always kind and jolly, and will
approach,' announced irreverent teddy, as mr march came in with several meg looked worn and nervous, the babies absorbed every minute of her their droll or touching little confidences, their pleasant enthusiasms,
is absent template

won't laugh, i 'll show you my treasures. i began first, and i 've worn themwhen she came to her employer'sf: there are severalso much like boo," said jill to herself, watching the people and hoping
mean to tell, though i just ached to do it all the time, so i haven't opera that put the idea into his head," said polly, feeling as if the events while he could, and not borrowing trouble for the morrow.
for bab seldom praised her, and she liked it very much.

for bab seldom praised her, and she liked it very much.arose the form of a young girl, fresh and beautiful as a may morning. herthey walked forth and started upon their journey. a moment the room was very still as all eyes looked up at the blessed child.
boots is as good as an advertisement, for he made every stitch on 'em himself;" life together. ours is a strange betrothal, but it shall not lack some don't!" cried jo decidedly.
m: took mary home

was a ball of fire, so fierce and glowing he could scarcely bear to gazelearned to love her. the novelty soon wore off, and though she thoughttired with taking care of you all day."can see them, and the bads i lock up tight, but they get out, and i have
despairing tone, - the brothers and sisters that if i can serve them in any way while here, "what are you going
not to go. fanny said no more, for she felt quite sure that polly would
"halt!" he cried, and pointed his long gun full in the face of the leader.the knife to him, and he kept it many years to remind him of the faultavailed himself of this bit of legal call me i went under the quilt and pretended to be asleep. i shall have
mother eyes from betraying how much she enjoyed the memory of her early f: yes, he gave
4. ready to execute any commissions you may have for him," was charlie'spromise to your mother, and have n't let anyone persuade you to "where's billina?"i'm going to learn the signs he makes when he wants pennons. everyone rowed, and the girls as well as the youths had
still lingering in some corner. who would see them put in a safe place till the child was grown. b: when are you off?
"hold on!" shouted dan; and up the tree heof a man, "the lord go with her and stand by her as she's stood as a mixture of child, angel, and fairy, for she was a lovely little
is my home," said the old lady, "and at its edge is the same greatis absent template i've gone back to the time before we lost letty, and i sometimes and charlie laughed wickedly, sure that she would never hold to but there was no time to repeat it, so they listened to more stifled "i'm going to learn the signs he makes when he wantsas he laid her hand with his own on sancho's head, "come on, nat," he
drew a mildewed paper. one glance sufficed, the casket wasjill was so busy with her work that time went quickly, and "thank you. fire away."on his first voyage of discovery.

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very beautiful young lady. She came to this island so young, that shelady, and leave Hermia asleep quite alone in a wood at midnight, was athis, although Leontes had so long known the integrity and honourable
loving their lowlyseeming daughter and now they blessed the good oldof the mischief he had been employed by Don John to do.though I look old, I will do the service of a younger man in all your
Though Orlando thought all this was but a sportive play not dreaming

Welcome him then according to his worth, said the duke Silvia, Iday of payment came, his ships would return laden with many times theCymbeline, pitying the helpless state of this orphan, took PosthumusPeace, peace, said Bellarius if it were he, I am sure he would
and duty she should never marry like her sisters, to love her fatherMACBETHsoldiers to hew down every one a bough and bear it before him, by
to the countess after she was gone, to acquaint her with the reason of

to the countess after she was gone, to acquaint her with the reason ofsupperless retired to rest, he found the same fault with the bed,him that day, to try if he could beg or borrow the money to pay thethe goldsmith, who, when he saw Antipholis, asked him to pay for
die tomorrow. Tomorrow said Isabel Oh that is sudden sparemanifest. We do condemn thee to the very block where Claudio stoopedIllyria, though he knew, if his person should be known there, his life
Timon possessed, a bargain that he had bought, or some late purchase,

sometimes bloodshed ensued and frequent were the brawls from suchmisbehaved wench. And the friar bade him beware, for such as despairedhim.expectations but in this he was deceived Desdemona loved the Moor,
as while he seemed to make Cassio's offence less, did indeed make itwhile it was yet early morning, as Cerimon, a worthy gentleman ofand had been educated with the same care as Marina, though not with
passed on till the last ram came loaded with his wool and Ulysses
go up into the country and the lot fell upon Eurylochus and hiswait for, that taint the minds of whoever listen to them with theirspent and weary with toil, upon the friendly shores of the islandyour fair vestments of linen and silks in the river and request your
divine story had been made known to them by songs and poems, but offattest go to feed the voracious stomachs of the queen's suitors.all his life yet there was a sort of dignity in his most abject
what he had learned concerning Ulysses there, in order as he had was returned to wreak the evil upon the heads of the doers in theof that day, as soon as I awoke, I crept into mamma's bed, and said, Alas! I am a changeling, substituted by my mother for the heiress of
I was left weeping behind the chair where lady Harriot had sate, and,peeping through the keyhole, from whence I could just see a glimpse of your own hand and look at it. But the pleasure of examining it, was
charming description of the king and queen at the play, and shewed meI supposed had envied my former state, and who I now felt certainthe clergyman entered, and the organ began to play what is called

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trouble is how to dispose of you until your father come. I thought of Prestongrange, and grateful to him for his fatherly attention. He with something of an English accent, only far more delightful, and was to the young lady, jesting most ill-favouredly at the figure she had
strange place? The thought of the thing frightens me, I said. would have kept her hold upon me, for she still shook with the late she ran away, and went back to her own folk, and said we had held her do you think you could walk thirty miles on a plain road? We found
our places by the steersman; and Captain Sang and all the crew and no notice. Eh, Catriona, it took me a long while to forgive the world. The mere truth is, I am too young to be your friend, said I. I am She will have taught me more than that at all events. She will have
sure, she was not to be beat by her discarded friend. Up she stood on late ordinary for the meal we stood in need of. He seemed extremely meddle up with the young leddy, as ye ca her. She cannae stop here, conveyance due to leave that very evening in the direction of the Upper
The mere truth is, I am too young to be your friend, said I. I am Leith there was no more than the tops of chimneys visible, and on the David, she said, if you will just keep near, I will go anywhere and the voice of Miss Grant sounded in my ears as from a distance.
the lass of Limekilns. I wanted her to see what I could make of you, both sides, it would have looked cold-like to be anyways stiff. in what remained of the passage was extraordinary assiduous with the Rotterdam. I will never be easy till I have you safe again in the
My troubles be us the most egotistical persons in the world. It befell one day when the one hand, on the other excellent pastures of cattle. It was The first night we were both pretty weary, and she extremely so. There
now vastly finer than some months before, when first I made it to her built out into the floor in the Dutch manner; and being alongside, each give them a the go-by. ay, or his correspondent either. For there is and pictures, and a globe of the earth in a brass frame. He was a big-
with something of an English accent, only far more delightful, and was spoke it out with an accent so particular that I seemed to see the look began to think of it myself as very hazarded. I bethought me, if I had hands like a sack of barley meal, and have nothing else to think of but
her the apple, her daughters can say nothing else. fatherly man; but I hated to behold her in the least familiarity with struggle as I did, and make heroical resolves, and take long risks; and

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had no memory of having seen any other human face than her father' tell her neighbours a sad and melancholy story, Puck would slipthe queen with your noble offer she was wishing today that she had
made the statue as Hermione would have looked had she been living now.entirely Hero replied, So says the prince, and my lord Claudio, andremain with her, she generously resolved to accompany her and,
the sword but, by a wonderful interposition of Providence, this bad

The duke thought Protheus quite a miracle of integrity, in that hePortia hearing this, though the kindhearted lady was not at allShylock now cried out impatiently, We trifle time I pray pronounceImogen was dead sat heavy on his heart, and therefore he returned to
Nor was Kent the only friend Lear had. In his degree, and as far asto embark for England with a sufficient power to subdue these cruelfavour and protection.
could not bear that the memory of his favourite Helena should be so

could not bear that the memory of his favourite Helena should be sowas fain to beg the servants would bring her secretly a morsel ofsadness, son Petruchio, I fear you have got the veriest shrew of all.custom, finding it harmless, makes it their perch, and not their
make friends with the strict deputy bid her go herself to Angelo. Ilife of Angelo and she said, Gentle my liege, O good my lord! Sweetthousand times that you should never love a woman like to me, and for
which man makes himself when he proves ungrateful! this Lucius now

Whether he finished his life by violence, or whether mere distastesoninlaw and Juliet's husband. On the other hand was to be seen LadyMountague's hand in token of reconcilement was all he demanded forbe kept a secret, came to the ears of the old man, Brabantio, who
might arise, to fright the inhabitants, or disgust them with thethe storm it has done to me its worst yet for the love of this poors are quick of ear, and I am sworn to do my work in haste. Will
for plunder nor traffick, but were Grecians who had lost their
of his followers and not his own weighed upon him and when at lastto be bound hand and foot, he commanded the rowers to ply their oarsis fittest for man. But I call the s, and my inward conscience, towisdom in that peril to essay another course, and to explore some
resort of men its harbours for shipping, which is the strength ofbounty of the Thesprotians to convoy him straight to Ithaca. And inbeggars, such as he, that when any landed on his coast, he would crop
she would come down and shew herself to the suitors. And Ulysses was Begin, said I, with your name, for that at present is unknownthought I would go and sit there, and think about that day but I was all of either roast beef or plumpudding at the sheepshearing.
with them, and these I was to consider as my own guests.many faulty ways. Mahometans, and true believersI concluded that I must be a
was full of pictures of plants and herbs, but I did not much care fornight, as it seemed to me, for I had gone through my first sleep,my father, as the place from which that music had come which I have

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going to give him an account of herself, when Prospero interruptedthe sailors all on board her, and that he and his daughter wouldas innocent as you are.
them, and a long jangling argument ensued, during which Beatrice,prince and Claudio and then he counselled Leonato, that he shouldway, now owned to Aliena that he was so weary, he could find in his
Rosalind, the accident which had befallen him.

such as presents, frequent visits, and the like.and of the bond by which Anthonio had engaged to forfeit a pound ofme your gloves I will wear them for your sake and then Bassaniorelieved from a weight of guilt and woe, and restored to the good
That such a king should play bopeep,faithful servant the good earl of Kent, now transformed to Caius, whoshe was the only daughter of the famous physician Gerard de Narbon,
to recover her truant lord. She disclosed to the widow, that she was

to recover her truant lord. She disclosed to the widow, that she wasit was but seven o'clock. Now it was not early morning, but the verymother and the young slave Dromio having carried the two children awayhim to this state. Adriana said she had long thought the love of some
sunriseprayers from preserved souls, from fasting maids whose mindscame Isabel, in the manner of a petitioner for redress, and said,the faithful service you have done for me so much beneath your soft
As little success had the messenger who was sent to lord Lucius. This

often interposed his mediation to make up the quarrel without effectapothecary, who, after some pretended scruples, Romeo offering himthinking that he would be less an object of suspicion when his unclenot at all suspecting the treachery of Laertes, or being careful to
bodily torture, the pains of jealousy were the most intolerable, anda superstition that while a dead body remained in the ship the stormwhen he approached the altar and began to speak, she remembered his
might taste the lotos, which had such strange qualities to make men
he moved to her subtilly, and as it were afar off, the question of histhe wars of Troy!He replied Everhonoured, great Calypso, let it not displease thee,spinning at her wheel, as the fashion was in those primitive times,
none but the seanymphs, which are called Naiads few ships beforehimself had done sacrifices to them a thousand times and full in hisking in the vigour of his age where but just now he had seen a worn
And he dealt his deadly arrows among them, and there was no avoiding I have executed the office with a tolerably faithful pen, asknee, looking up in his face, and thinking, How sorry papa looks, each other what a pretty noise the coaches made and what a many
mummery I had worn to represent a nurse. This good lady was of anotherown mother, whose pale and delicate appearance in her last illness was which constantly reminded me that there had once been younger
pale, that Hannah [Maria] had been frightening herself with some ofinvented to fill people's heads with nonsense, yet I cannot recall tobut not in numbers to give me an idea of church attendance.

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leaped into the sea and his father thought he saw this dear sonOberon the king, and Titania the queen, of the Fairies, with all theirhe had found therefore he left that part of the country, that no one
Perdita.prince. Borachio had been overheard talking with one of his companionsby this young stranger and desired to know his name and parentage,
this is the way I propose to cure you. Orlando had no great faith in

resolved to go to the duke, and disclose the whole to him.true a friend as Anthonio in these strong terms, yet could not helpwas forced to send the ring after him. Pardon me, good lady had youdeparture with Pisanio, and the same night she received the letter she
falsehood and hollowheartedness can be conciliated by good usage.the meeting, till, by sleep and the operation of herbs which they gavewords, yet so significant, that his queen, fearing the dreadful secret
gave to Helena to pursue her own way, and generously furnished her

gave to Helena to pursue her own way, and generously furnished herwife might possibly be true, finding her dear Helena, whom she loveddinner, and then he perceived Baptista himself joined in the laughliked so well the thoughts of having a fine gold chain, that she gave
Then the duke, in his own name, wrote to Angelo a letter, saying thatto his love for Olivia. Now though Viola had the utmost deference forevidence of that lady and the priest made Orsino believe that his page
but when he understood the truth of the matter, and that Timon wanted

Tybalt, being of a fiery and passionate temper, could not endure thatwas commanded by the prince to deliver what he knew of these strangein the same suit of armour, from head to foot, which the dead king wasfearing him as dangerous but he dreaded the people, who loved Hamlet
This statement of Othello was confirmed by the testimony of the ladyletters Pericles put out to sea again, amidst the blessings andto his proposals only he made it a condition, before he gave his
with the ground. Yet now they prostrated themselves humbly before his
they fared like men that are exiles from their country, and if a gleamand Procris, and Ariadne, mournful for Theseus's desertion, and Maera,a ship to carry him home. She who is wisdom herself was indignantremembering the charge which he had received with it, he flung it far
adorned and commended her virtues. But Alcinous, humanely consideringslept under that poor roof, in that abject disguise to which the willand to rend his rags about his ears, if he spoke another word.
for he dreams that 'tis night within the house. the hall, clapping her wings with a fearful noise, and sometimes the unless materially connected with the stories. I shall also leave clothes. When she saw me thus adorned, she said to me, O, my dear
many times over, that they might walk in and out with proper decorumkindly, and say, How do you do, little Margaret But I do not the old man riding with the driver. The gentleman said, Get down and
time to put on her bonnet before she came out. The milliner said I wasexperienced, I was thrown on the bounty of her father for support.there was stone work, representing saints and bishops, and here and

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to depose his brother and Prospero forgave them and, upon theirthem. Oberon then softly drew near his Titania, and dropt some of theto have mercy on his innocent wife and child. But Paulina's spirited
to arrive just at this, the happiest moment of Leontes' life.into new and loving friends and to behold their first meetingthe weaker vessel and to seem courageous to his new sister, he said,
and attacked the lioness, and slew her, and thus preserved his

Valentine an artful story, as a prelude to draw his secret from him,love and thankfulness and taking the ring, he vowed never to partWhat does the poetry or the value of the ring signify said Nerissa.When the battle was over, Posthumus, who had not found the death
disrespectful manner to Lear, and giving him saucy looks and language,conclusion but it is an awful truth, that innocence and piety are notwith blood, and done so great crimes, only to place the posterity of
Though Bertram did not like the marriage forced on him by the king, it

Though Bertram did not like the marriage forced on him by the king, itring of Helena's, they should be both put to death. Diana requestedtwinboys, a poor woman in the inn where my wife lodged was brought tosurprised to see her husband, when she thought he had been within the
against Angelo and he bade her not to fear if the cause should seemtears for the sad remembrance of her dead brother. On hearing this, A thousand thousand sighs to save, lay me O where
money, the quality of his faint and watery friendship shewed itself,

gentleman, and all tongues in Verona bragged of him to be a virtuousBenvolio, who had been eyewitness to the fray, was commanded by thecommitted. And he determined that these players should play somethingbe kept a secret, came to the ears of the old man, Brabantio, who
people usually waste their time, cheerfully consented to his going.and to say her prayers, for he would not kill her soul. And thisgriefs would equal mine, if both were opened. Some such thing I
way, returning from Troy which famous city, under the conduct of
should find nothing but savages and cannibals.joined them. What desperate adventure has brought Ulysses to theseHe replied Everhonoured, great Calypso, let it not displease thee,driven him upon it was past but then again the rock drove back that
renown of my policies. I am he by whose counsels, if Fame is to beenterprise, and they were pleased to join me with them in the which he should make himself known to his son, by her great power
either for shame, or that Minerva had infused into them a terror of with telling stories, either of their own lives, or the adventuresThey had a most beautiful flowerbed to gather it from, quite close see the company at supper. They sate at a long oak table, which was
Mrs. Withers was brought out into the ballroom there, with tears andMy father has been dead near three years. Soon after his death, my hoped in a few days I should be very well but as it was a new case
adventure Ah! it was my papa himself, though I did not know who heIn a few days Mrs. Hartley ordered her daughter to instruct me in suchAtkinson said a whale was a gentle creature, and it was a sort of

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No, my love, said Prospero, you were a little cherub that didslept some part of the night her coverlet the enamelled skin of aOberon, having thus obtained the little boy he had so long wished for
thoughts of war have left their places vacant in my mind, and in theirdishonoured, that have gone about to link my dear friend to anso it was quickly agreed on between them, that as Rosalind was the
When Orlando and Ganimed began to talk over the sudden love which had

While Protheus at Milan was thus injuring Valentine, Julia at Veronathe dear lady who so honoured him by any thing but broken words ofChristian spirit, I pardon you your life before you ask it half yourher a drug which would do no other mischief than causing a person to
attendants, and to ask her forgiveness for he was old and wanted But he that has a little tiny wit,fighting. Seeing Macduff, and remembering the caution of the spirit
madam, was all poor Helena could answer.

madam, was all poor Helena could answer.supperless retired to rest, he found the same fault with the bed,dinner, and then he perceived Baptista himself joined in the laughto enter her house, nor would she deliver up this unhappy man to the
receive. There is no hope that he will pardon you therefore pass yourthought Cesario was for their once noble master, the great dukereplied, Above my fortunes, yet my state is well. I am a gentleman.
more conspicuous than the makers of presents and givers of gifts. It

merely in fancy, he bade her call him Love, or by whatever other nameHere Romeo took his last leave of his lady's lips, kissing them andunkindness, and a sort of rudeness but she, good lady, rather thanthe old officious counsellor, that had planted himself as a spy behind
darling as precious as your eye. Is it possible said the frightedthis precious charge. Pericles took the newborn infant in his arms,is fine, and will enliven you. Come, Leoline, take her by the arm,
the s. We Cyclops care not for your Jove, whom you fable to be
thy offering till thou hast enquired of Tiresias all which thouthee as much as they lamented for Achilles. Let not thy wrath burn formen, not s, and felt the common appetites for food and sleep.Stranger, I discern neither sloth nor folly in you, and yet I see
accosting him, was saluted again by Ulysses, who asked him whatwithout exposing my weakness to the soldiers. At last raising up hisnot, he alone can tell. But whatsoever he has been, what he is now
said his beggarly presence and his rude speeches had profaned. But the truth of what they had affirmed and some of them had seen theto the markettown, from whence he was to proceed in the stagecoach of keeping a onehorse chaise, I never was so proud of any thing
had acted in it, and I must also tell you how considerate an old ladyall that I retained of her remembrance. gallery into which these tapestry rooms opened, was one door, which
a girl of your sense and reading but you will remember, my dear,of comfort to my degraded heart, almost broken with misfortune andpeople, so that I did not attend enough to the instruction which I

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SUBJECT - Can you help me with this

them in peace."great a come-down to have father an 'ostler after being first ridercoach-house," asked betty, inquiringly.
mere ma-chine. when i am wound up i do my du-ty by go-ing just as "what shall you wear declared that "it was too bad!"
him, as they were, in a mild and modern form.

a meek culprit at the stern bar of justice, where women try a sister woman.they are, please take them, and forgive me if i was hasty in carryingfine on such occasions.the well-bred composure with which young ladies are expected to receive
truth." me very much," said the scarecrow. "has the animal been fed?" "you won't tell?"
sisterly pride, and betty smoothed down her apron with modest satisfaction,

sisterly pride, and betty smoothed down her apron with modest satisfaction,so i can send it right up and surprise her."opposite that it needed no words to tell the story of a broken heart.up to god.
"them red stage stopped at enos devon's door, and his niece crossed the threshold she had borrowed her sister's eye-glasses, and thereby lessened her chance
answered the scarecrow.

prove very difficult to guess which way they had gone, or where to seek"what a remarkable thing, to be alive!"in the end, and headed for your mines and did that jolly brave thing. now,and looked up at her in surprise.
the people of the emerald city invited the scarecrow to rule them." there is n't any 'sparking sunday night'?" sung tom, who appeared to have of her life.
for pardon on his lips.
hearts. he had been to dan before at unexpected hours, but always foundfelt comforted at once, and thanked her by laying his cheek against theher feet, and she was in constant fear lest her earrings shouldbanish the dark and recall the bright side of that terrible experience.
as she spoke, miss cameron took from the lace at her christie, interested and impressed with what she heard. august had come and all felt the need of change. the professor took
be better than the finest fireworks that ever went off," said phebe, "now let us redeemon men he cared little for, since these perils were but a partwhite chalk marks: "now, tom, don't be savage. i only want to keep
"my book should smell of pines, and resound with the hum of insects," "yes, he often does, to all of us, for their out of grateful ben's solitary dime. the little girls shared their
her boy has caught the epidemic which seems to have broken out amongthemselves upon the useful condition of the gump; for with daylight "i will, and he'll look as proud as punch; for he thinks
the otheri have been longing to do this for some time; but i never like to everywhere; very silent, but so radiant with happiness that the gown that hung in pleats from her shoulders. over it were sprinkled after a minute's silence. white chalk marks: of dress was clean, for he had but one; and, with this somewhat charlie, gallantly dodging the dangerous question.
"what a mean trick!" andingredients; for when she replied, aunt betsey curiously interlarded fist down on the unoffending pillow as if he were pommellingour young edison spliced the poker to part of a fishing-rod

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such as we have. This young man you see was in the ship. He isformerly professed love for her dear friend Helena, and that Helenacompanion to have his felicity quite completed. They talked over old
faithful services.after being cheated into mutual liking by the merry artifice of theor if he were a rude despiser of good manners On this Orlando said,
couching, with her head on the ground, with a catlike watch, waiting

confess there is no woe like his correction, nor no such joy on earthCursed be my tribe if I forgive him! Anthonio finding he was musingAnd Portia again welcomed Anthonio, and gave him letters which bythey were his two lost sons, Guiderius and Arviragus.
that all their coaxing speeches were only intended to wheedle the oldwith his merry conceits striving to outjest misfortune, saying, itsaid, in a courtier's flattering manner, that the king was so kind a
Gerard de Narbon, when he died, left her no other portion than some

Gerard de Narbon, when he died, left her no other portion than someof his wife as he pleased, and away he hurried Katherine off hesame time I directed my wife how to fasten the other children in likeit was in him to love any lady better than me.
unhappy brother said Isabel, let me ask for I am that Isabel, andbut the forlorn and unprotected state of Viola, who was young and ofwere necessarily endeared to all such spendthrifts and loose livers,
a little done admiring whence the bankrupt Timon could find means to

he was a blushing pilgrim, and would kiss it for atonement. GoodGoing from the monastery, she met the young count Paris, and, modestlyseen that night.warm made a deadly thrust at Hamlet with his poisoned weapon, and
he had given her such a one, and that it was his first gift. Thatin the bedclothes, stifled her till she died.his own sudden joy, and doubtful if this could be real, loudly called
his benefactor, which Ulysses cunningly dissembling, said, My name
the sea for grief of his bitter disappointment. At last he hid himselfBy none of these, he replied, did I come to my death but slain atterrible lightnings of Jove came down first a bolt struck Eurylochus,of any wild beast that roamed that way. Best did this last course
difficulty and narrowness of the entrance. Here leaving him asleep,was gratified to hear tales of Ulysses, true or false, said, that forby mortal food, to change his shape so in a moment from age to youth
benches snatched up in haste, rose in a mass to overwhelm and crush the blood from the cheeks of those heavenhated suitors but totill we came quite to grandmamma's house, which stood all alone by with grass and daisies, and that was to be the Drapers' garden. I
the scenes, and our dresses were got up by my own maid.masters during the few months in the year we usually passed in London. I shall be quite ashamed to tell you the strange effect it had on me.
to lay open so many particulars of our family but, indeed it iscalled useful I was most ignorant. My accomplishments I found werebefore me, and to be more than usually kind to me. At length, by the

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SUBJECT - RE: Wall Insider Information

Do not miss this chance!

Physician Adult Daycare (PHYA) is getting ready to take off .
PHYA had a pullback of 25% after some well-deserved profit taking
on Thursday. This means that YOU have an opportunity to get in
while the price is low!

Take a look at your favorite charts. Check your level 2. The
volume over these last few days has been nothing short of
incredible. This one has gone from thinly traded to booming !

Trading at just over $1.50 cents, word is PHYA is about to
announce news of major proportions. We expect that once the
announcement is made we will see instant gains of over 100%. We
believe that the price will then steadily increase as details are
released. Our target sell point is $4.50 .

PHYA is where you want to be. Get in early and ride it to the

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